Clients and Testimonials

Dear Annette: We would like to thank you and the staff of LanguageSpeak, Inc. for your support of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Your help in translating our website has allowed its message to reach a much broader audience.

As a result, we have been able to provide greater assistance to the Haitian people.  We hope you will stay engaged in this critical endeavor; your continued kindness will help Haiti lift itself outof this crisis and into a brighter future.  Read the entire letter


George Bush & Bill Clinton
Presidents of the United States
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

Office Depot is committed to doing business with WBE's. Since 2002, we have found a great partnerin LanguageSpeak, not only have they handledthe enormous task of translating and maintaining the 3rd largest website on the World Wide Web, but also assisted us with translation in over 14 languages. LanguageSpeak is now even undertaking perhapsan even larger challenge: instructing me how to speak Spanish. Muchas Gracias, LanguageSpeak!

Robert McCormes-Ballou
Director of Vendor Diversity
Office Depot, Inc.

Following a national search in 2002, Languagespeak became ING's primary provider for translation. LanguageSpeak's expertise in our highly regulated financial services industry has been a great asset in helping ensure that we are always compliant, no matter which language we use to reach our global customers.  We are so satisfied with LanguageSpeak's quality and excellent service that we recently renewed our contract for 3 more years!

Ricardo Lopez Valencia
Senior Vice President
Head of Diversity Marketing ING

Today, Miami is the undisputed "Gateway to the Americas."
LanguageSpeak was instrumental during the FTAA ministerial meetings and subsequent international trade negotiations. The quality
of their translation and interpretation services was outstanding. From the City of Miami, Thank you LanguageSpeak for making our community shine.

Honorable Manuel A. Díaz
Former Mayor - City of Miami